08 August 2012

Kicks on 8/08 (Free TR-808 BD's)

Kicks on 8/08. T is for tone, and D is for decay. They're not all great, but they're not all bad either. They are, however, all free. 64 WAV files here, 24 bit 44.1 khz, with about 8 round-robin hits in each file. Kicks only, because this TR-808 I used to have was kinda busted, and some of the other instruments sounded… busted. Drum machine printed to 1/4 tape @ 15 ips (A810) then converted to 24/96 via Mytek converter. None of this gear I own anymore, so whatever samples I got, now you got.

kicks2 kicks3

Please don't distribute these elsewhere on the internet - I'm using Mediafire and it's already free for everyone. There are 2 zip files in total.


  1. Very nice, thank you!

  2. Thank you, Calvin! Happy 8/08 at 8:08 eastern time!

  3. Thanks! I know it's asking a lot but if you ever feel like doing more of these drum machine tape rips it would be so appreciated. Yours are the best in terms of quality by far. Peace.